# Contributing to the translation of PojavLauncher

For the convenience of translators, we use the Crowdin. Anyone can join the project on Crowdin and start translating right now.

Join the project (opens new window)

# Getting started for newcomers on Crowdin

After you signed up on Crowdin and joined the project you can start translating the strings. First, on the project page, you should select the language you want to translate PojavLauncher into. Once, you will see the files to be translated. After the name of each file, you can see the translation progress of that file. The blue bar represents the progress of translated strings, and the green bar represents the progress of approved strings.

Now you can click on the "Translate all" button and you will be moved to the translation editor. But first, Crowdin will suggest you to read useful tips for using the translation editor.

# Proofreading

Proofreading of the strings is making by the language proofreader. Proofreaders are appointed by @Syjalo. Please don't ask him to approve the strings or appoint somebody as a proofreader. He will choose a suitable candidate in his opinion. Approved or most voted translation suggestions will be added to the launcher.