# Is PojavLauncher legal?

The simple answer is yes.

PojavLauncher follows along with the Terms that Mojang has laid out for its users, meaning that the following points still apply:

  • Demo accounts replace offline accounts (will be fully applied in a future update).
  • Local accounts are offline accounts, which are restricted to single-player and offline servers, and cannot download Minecraft from Mojang's servers.
  • Premium accounts get the full experience.
  • Vanilla game files such as libraries, the client and assets are downloaded from Mojang server, not third-party servers.

There's no file modification or piracy happening with PojavLauncher, as you're still following Mojang's Terms when playing Minecraft (although offline is in the grey area). We do not support piracy, and do not provide support for those who attempt to get premium accounts for free or wish to interfere with PojavLauncher to bypass these restrictions.