# PojavLauncher

# From the ashes of zhouwei's Boardwalk project comes PojavLauncher, a capable, fast, and open-source Minecraft: Java Edition launcher for Android and iOS.

PojavLauncher is based off of zhouwei's Boardwalk project, which brought Minecraft 1.13 to Android. Improved upon and revived by the team, PojavLauncher brings Boardwalk to new heights with more versions, more devices, and even iOS support.

Right now, you're looking at the PojavLauncher website, with information regarding the launcher and wikis for Android and iOS. Take a look around, there's more in store!

# Credits

PojavLauncher didn't just appear out of thin air, but was made possible by the following people!

@PojavLauncherTeam (opens new window), which includes

...and many more contributors to the Android (opens new window) and iOS (opens new window) repositories.

PojavLauncher also uses the following third-party components: